Board Members

The leadership of the SBRSA is comprised of a six member board. Each member municipality appoints a representative to the Board to serve a five-year term. Members serving on the Board volunteer their time and commitment and are not compensated. Officers of the Board are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board elects members to each officer position annually with the exception of Secretary. The Executive Director serves as Secretary to the Board.

There are four standing sub-committees within the Authority Board; Finance, Construction, Personnel, and Oversight Liaison. The Finance and Personnel committees have two members each, the Construction committee has three members, and the Oversight liaison has one member.

Gale D. Downey — Chairman

Hopewell Township

C. Schuyler Morehouse — Vice Chairman

Hopewell Borough

David A. Goldfarb — Treasurer


Julian Antebi — Member

Pennington Borough

Bharat Patel — Member

South Brunswick Township

Arundhati Bhosle — Member

West Windsor Township

David Smith — Executive Director — Secretary