To Report an Odor Complaint

SBRSA takes odor complaints very seriously and we continually strive to prevent and mitigate off-site odors that are attributed to our treatment process.

However if in the event you wish to submit an odor complaint, the issue can be submitted via telephone 24 hours/day, 7 days/week by calling the Lead Operator at (609) 924-8881 ext. 227.

To make our response to your complaint the most effective please be prepared to supply the following information:

Street Address
Phone Number (if you wish a return call)
Date/Day of Week
Time of Day
Odor Characteristic: Sewage, Burnt, Compost, Rotten Eggs, Sweet, etc.
Odor Intensity: Strong, Medium, Mild
Wind Conditions: Windy, Breezy, Calm

If there is no answer leave a voice mail message and someone will return your call shortly. If you do not wish a return call, then please provide the abovementioned information and tell the Lead Operator you do not wish a call back.

Upon receiving an odor complaint, SBRSA will normally send a representative to the location to investigate. If you do not wish to have a representative visit your location, please tell the Lead Operator.